True Noord acquires 11 regional aircraft from Nordic Aviation Capital

By admin Dec16,2023

Specialist regional aircraft lessor TrueNoord, has completed a sale agreement for 11 aircraft with Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC). 

This significant portfolio includes four Dash 8-400s, three E175s, and four E190s, boosting TrueNoord’s fleet of new turboprop and regional jets to an impressive 87 aircraft.

The Aircraft Portfolio

TrueNoord’s latest acquisition encompasses a diverse range of aircraft types, typifying their commitment to versatility in meeting the needs of regional carriers.

With the addition of four De Havilland Dash 8-400s, three Embraer E175s, and four E190s, the lessor is strategically positioning itself to cater to a fairly broad spectrum of regional aviation requirements.

This transaction not only adds to TrueNoord’s fleet but also brings new players into the scene. Australian airline Aviair and European lessee airlines LOT and Widerøe are among the notable entrants, and give a sense of TrueNoord’s global reach.

Furthermore, the deal strengthens existing relationships with North American airline customers, Air Canada and Breeze Airways, showcasing TrueNoord’s ability to foster long-term partnerships.

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Image Credit: True Noord

A Targeted Timeline

The integration of all 11 aircraft is set to be completed during Q1 2024, underscoring TrueNoord’s efficiency in operational execution.

This targeted timeline speaks to the lessor’s commitment to delivering on agreements promptly, a factor that contributes to the overall success of the transaction.

This sale agreement marks the second notable transaction between TrueNoord and NAC, highlighting a growing synergy between the two lessors.

Richard Jacobs, Chief Commercial Officer at TrueNoord, emphasizes the positive working relationships and creative problem-solving that characterized their previous deal.

This shared trust accelerates the execution of the second transaction, showcasing the effectiveness of their collaboration.

Industry Resilience: Navigating Challenges

Despite economic pressures and the lingering effects of COVID-19 on the aviation industry, TrueNoord remains steadfast in its commitment to regional aircraft leasing.

The company’s secure funding and a robust internal team position it for balanced and structured growth, demonstrating resilience in a challenging market.

Jacobs sheds light on the positive trends in the regional aircraft market, where demand surpasses the true availability of aircraft.

“The regional aircraft market has sprung back and demand is outstripping the true availability of aircraft, with assets grounded largely due to a combination of return conditions and supply chain delays,” says Jacobs.

“So, we are seeing a positive trend of values and lease rents and expect this trend to continue, as the supply chain remains tight and issues impact the new generation of narrowbody aircraft.”

“Another influencing factor is that many network operators have relied on their regional network during COVID and they are continuing to use their regional aircraft to right-size their fleet and generate better yields.”

Grounded assets, a result of return conditions and supply chain delays, contribute to an upward trend in values and lease rents.

TrueNoord anticipates this trend to persist, especially considering the ongoing challenges impacting the new generation of narrowbody aircraft.

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