Three United Diverts in 1 Day

By admin Nov25,2023

There have been three United Airlines diversions in one day, spanning the likes of Dublin, Houston & San Francisco.

We will detail the diversions in this piece, with it not being a good day for the airline on this front.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Flight #1: United Airlines Flight UA885 Rome-Washington – Dublin Diversion…

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Diversion #1 came from United Airlines flight UA885, operating the Rome-Washington service.

The Boeing 767-400 was just entering the Oceanic entry for the Atlantic Ocean when the aircraft made a sharp u-turn and diverted to Dublin.

It was later revealed that the cause of the diversion was a medical emergency onboard the aircraft.

From there, the service continued onwards to Washington.

Flight #2: UA785 Sacramento to Denver – Diversion to San Francisco…

Dublin, Houston & San Francisco: Three United Diverts in 1 Day
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The second diversion came from United Airlines flight UA785 between Sacramento and Denver, not long after the UA885 diversion into Dublin from Rome (Original destination Washington).

UA785 departed Sacramento at 0525 local time this morning, and proceeded eastbound in the direction of Denver, when the aircraft turned around and diverted to San Francisco instead.

The reason for this diversion is unknown currently.

As soon as AviationSource has information regarding the cause of this diversion, then we will update this portion of the article accordingly.

Flight #3: United Airlines Flight UA646 Houston-San Luis Petosi – Return to the Airport…

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Finally, diversion #3 was United Airlines flight UA646 between Houston and San Luis Petosi in Mexico.

UA646 departed at 0951 local time this morning and proceeded southbound towards the Mexican destination.

Over the Corpus Chrisa area, the aircraft turned back and returned to Houston.

For this particular diversion, it is understood that there was a technical issue onboard the aircraft, which prompted a swift return back to Houston.

And there we have it! Three different United Airlines diversions to Dublin, Houston & San Francisco!

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