The future’s bright for Vetter

By admin Nov27,2023

We met at CPHI in Barcelona to discuss how Vetter had coped through the pandemic and what the future looked like.

Press has more than 25 years of experience in product and supply chain management for several industry-leading enterprises but has been with Vetter since 2009.

Vetter is more than 70 years old and remains family-owned. In 1945, honorary senator and pharmacist Helmut Vetter founded the Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Laboratorium Ravensburg GmBH which included a lab, a school for lab technicians, and a drug production facility.

‘It started there and after some years the family started with these outsourcing services – mainly in the syringe business and in the 1980s which was the basis for the business we do today,’ explains Press, ‘the pharmacy still exists in its original place and still has the name Vetter Pharmacy.  

‘We got our first FDA approvals in the 80s and started investing in new filling lines, to build what is now our CMO.’

Press explained the company is seeing a growing market which they are preparing for. ‘We see patients out there getting older and older. They have more access to medicine. This results in more injectable demand. We have intensive partnerships with our customers.

‘It’s a long-lasting and long-term relationship that we have had over decades. Our clients have asked us for more capacity.’

He said that besides the high-level quality of products they are putting out, the company must have the security of supply at any time.

‘Our patients rely on us to get our products to them, and this is a big task for us, to organize ourselves so that it is possible at any time. Also, during COVID-19 times there was a crisis all over the world, and again it was our task, to make sure we could supply our products. This is why we have now invested further in Germany.’

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