‘The CDMO industry is not going away’

By admin Nov27,2023

“Across the board, the CDMO industry has noticed the difference in the economy. There is a tightening of finances and companies are postponing clinical trials as they maybe focus on some of their later stage molecules,” Brittany Hayes, highly potent platform director at CordenPharma, tells BioPharma Reporter at CPHI Barcelona 2023.

During the pandemic, the Switzerland-based drugmaker thrived under its partnership with Moderna​, to supply large volumes of liquid excipients for the pharma giant’s Covid-19 vaccine.

While Hayes admits demand has slowed as the pandemic has waned, the CDMO has maintained this relationship, as well as filling its pipeline with a number of customers that have progressed and are moving into commercial materials.

“Our lipids offering is very strong because we still work with Moderna and others are now expanding in this area. Our peptide platform is also going crazy. At our injectable site, we work on lipid nanoparticle formulation development and manufacturing so now we can actually help our customers make those different vaccines.”

As Hayes mentions, the company’s peptide platform is performing particularly well. In fact, while CordenPharma has yet to officially comment on its latest major deal, Reuters recently reported that Eli Lilly had hired the CDMO to make the active ingredient in its blockbuster weight loss drug​ Mounjaro.

According to Reuters, its source revealed that CordenPharma’s facility in Colorado is under contract to produce tirzepatide, the active ingredient in the weekly injection.

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