Woman Rescued Dog, Dog Expresses Her ‘Gratitude’ By Stealing Her Man

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Layla, a lovable rescue dog with a unique appearance, has captured the hearts of her adoptive family and everyone who meets her. Found abandoned in a parking lot, Layla’s story is one of resilience and the power of love. In this article, we’ll share Layla’s journey from being a stray to finding her forever home.


Layla was discovered in an apartment parking lot, where she had been abandoned for days. The sweet dog was taken in by ACT Philly, a local animal rescue organization. The ACT Philly staff couldn’t believe someone would leave such an endearing dog behind.

Enter Ellen and her fiancé, who were actively looking for a dog to adopt. Ellen’s fiancé was initially hesitant about adopting a dog due to their busy lives, but that all changed when they met Layla. The couple went to meet her on Ellen’s birthday, and as soon as her fiancé saw Layla, he couldn’t say no.


Layla quickly became a beloved member of their family. The day after they brought her home, some of Ellen’s family members came over, and Layla immediately warmed up to them, resting her head on their laps. Layla has formed a particularly strong bond with Ellen’s fiancé, who she adores and loves to play with. Ellen describes herself as more of her caretaker, in charge of Layla’s daily needs.

One of the most striking things about Layla is her unique appearance. Ellen describes her as having “a Pit Bull head on a Corgi body,” with mismatched ears and a long tail. This unusual look often draws attention and curiosity from passersby when they take her for walks.


Layla’s expressive nature is another endearing quality. She’s especially expressive when she’s tired, hitting a wall around 9:00 p.m., and completely conks out. Layla has brought immense joy to her adoptive family, who feel incredibly lucky to have found her.

In fact, Ellen and her fiancé have joked about cloning Layla so they can have “Layla 2, Layla 3, and Layla 4” for the rest of their lives. They hope that their beloved rescue dog will live forever, continuing to bring happiness and love to their family.

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