With A Tucked Tail Between His Legs, Slaughterhouse Dog Enters The States

By admin Dec9,2023

Lavery, a dog rescued from a Cambodian slaughterhouse, has found his forever home in the United States, thanks to the tireless efforts of Four Paws International and a loving foster family. The global animal welfare charity discovered the terrified dog during an investigation and subsequently shut down the facility, rescuing all the dogs on site. Their goal was to find a foster home for Lavery, who was shy and scared but still had hope in his eyes.


Christina, Andrew, and their rescue dog Koda, a family from San Francisco, love fostering dogs. They decided to take Lavery in after seeing a picture of him sent by a volunteer who told them that he needed some extra help. Lavery kept his tail tucked tightly between his legs. He was nervous and shy but thankfully motivated by treats.


Lavery’s tail began to rise after three days in his foster home, indicating that he was slowly becoming more comfortable. He was also eager to play with Koda, even though she was not as playful as him. After two weeks of fostering, Lavery had made incredible strides, and it was time to look for his forever family.

A promising application came in from a family who already own one dog, and they decided to meet at a local park to see if the pups got along and how Lavery would respond. He was nervous at first, but soon his tail was wagging, and it was clear that this family would be a great fit for him. The adoption was made official.


In his new home, Lavery’s tail was up mid-level at first but soon, it was high and happy once he settled in. His new family worked on helping him feel more comfortable and confident during walks, which scared him at first. Larry and Lavery became true brothers, playing and wrestling together, with Larry making sure Lavery knew he was the older brother.

Lavery’s new family plans to give him the love and care he could have never imagined in his previous life. Thanks to the dedication of Four Paws International and his loving foster and forever families, Lavery’s incredible journey has led him to a safe and happy home.

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