What Do Attorney Internet Marketing and Dogs Have in Common?

By admin Dec1,2023

You love your dog, and you treat him or her like a family member. He or she loves you too.  If that’s the case, why can’t your dog become a “member” of your law firm? It’s not a far-fetched idea. You can use your dog to market your law firm. Be it a German Shepard or a Dachshund, your dog photos could be a big hit. It sure beats paying a sexy human model, and the meals and transportation costs are cheaper too. The only form of compensation might be some doggy treats or a bone. Wardrobe expenses go way down too, and if your dog wants to get all gussied up for a photo shoot, a dog groomer is far less expensive than a hairdresser for the stars.

You’re Probably Not Photogenic

Dog lovers are going to remember pics of your dog rather than pics of you in a business suit with a briefcase. Like most homo-sapiens, you’re probably not terribly photogenic either. Dogs are attractive, even when they’re sleeping. Nobody wants to see you taking a nap, especially if you snore. There’s something reassuring and comforting about a dog snoring though.

What’s in a Name?

William Shakespeare told the world that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Do you have one of those East European names that doesn’t sound like it even has a vowel in it? There’s no way that you’re going to market your way around that mouthful. Try it with your dog. People are going to remember him or her. Your human frailties will be forgotten on the spot, and your dog’s funky name will become the new you. Your dog might be ugly, but it has a cute name. They’re going to associate that cute dog with your law firm. It can be a big advantage, and when somebody sees your dog’s image on a social media posting, your law firm is instantly associated with it. You can steer clear of any potential ethical issues by disclosing that your “partner” is used for marketing purposes only. You might even fit in a couple of days every year when the general public might meet him or her at your offices. 

Even cats can meet the same purposes. They’re not nearly as lovable if you’re a dog person though. Pretty up that pup and start circulating him or her. You’ll have fun doing it, and over a period of time, you might even see an increase in new business that’s directly attributable to your new “partner.”

Dogs are used in advertising for humor, attraction, and lovability. For ideas, check out Law Dog Legal Marketing, who uses dogs as their mascot all over their website. 

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