Unlocking innovation: Women in Science

By admin Jul11,2024

 In this interview, she shares insights into her role, personal journey, challenges faced, and advice for aspiring women in science.

Could you give us an overview of your work?

My role as a global technical developer at Roquette revolves around uncovering new ways to unlock business opportunities through high-quality pharmaceutical excipients. This can look like identifying innovative applications for excipients (new and existing) in pharmaceutical formulations, optimizing the use of such ingredients, and exploring alternative excipient manufacturing processes.

Collaboration with my colleagues within Roquette and external stakeholders from our partners and customers is another key aspect of my role. Understanding the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers and translating them into cutting-edge excipient solutions is a part of my job I find especially rewarding.

When did you realize you were interested in science – as a young child, teen, or older?

I’ve always been a very curious person, even from a young age. In fact, my earliest memories include preparing homemade lip balms and bandages with whatever supplies I had available to me as a six-year-old. My path into science at a professional level began in earnest after high school, at which point it felt like the most natural direction for me to take given my insatiable love of learning. This pivotal decision led me to a wonderful career in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, where there is always so much to learn and discover. Today, I particularly enjoy harnessing my scientific expertise to understand the role nutrition plays in supporting holistic human health.

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