Tender Moments, Vibrant Plants, and Georgian Culture Adorn the Tbilisi Streets for the Annual Mural Fest — Colossal

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#public art
#street art
#Tbilisi Mural Fest

November 8, 2023

Grace Ebert

Milu Correch. All images courtesy of Tbilisi Mural Fest, shared with permission

Since launching five years ago, Tbilisi Mural Fest has transformed the streets of Georgia’s capital into a vivid, outdoor gallery featuring dozens of large-scale works in myriad styles. The 2023 event—which expanded to the city of Kurasisi, as well— wrapped up this month with a similarly eclectic collection of works, including Thiago Mazza’s vividly painted botanicals (previously), a realistic rendering of a grandmother pressing dough by Sasha Korban, and Milu Correch’s touching portrait of a mother grasping her two young children. Find a selection of the 2023 murals below and check out the festival’s Instagram for more.


hands hold a bunch of grapes in a mural

an older woman presses dough while wearing a green apron

“Grandma” by Sasha Korban

a bright floral mural in a city

Thiago Mazza

a profile of a young person who appears to be walking away with their belongings and an extra set of arms

Telmo & Miel

two blue and white patterned murals on sides of a building

Chertova Tina

a vibrant mural with faint portraits emerging through the color

“Mokhevian” by Gera 1

#public art
#street art
#Tbilisi Mural Fest


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