Mercedes-Benz to integrate ChatGPT in its cars soon, check details here

By admin Nov25,2023

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution. The cutting-edge chatbot is able to generate texts based on written prompts on almost any given topic. ChatGPT’s sophistication can be gauged by the fact that it can even write computer codes. It now seems that ChatGPT will soon be a common feature on luxury cars.

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that it will be adding OpenAI’s futuristic AI agent to its cars sold in the United States.

“Mercedes-Benz is further expanding the use of artificial intelligence and integrating it into the voice control of its vehicles as the next step. By adding ChatGPT, voice control via the MBUX Voice Assistant’s Hey Mercedes will become even more intuitive. An optional beta programme will start June 16, 2023, in the U.S. for over 900.000 vehicles equipped with the MBUX infotainment system,” the German carmaker said in a statement.

It is worth noting that OpenAI’s conversational chatbot will be integrated with the brand’s MBUX infotainment system. This infotainment system is already quite user-friendly. While a smart voice interface is very helpful in assisting the driver, it is not clear how OpenAI’s chatbot will enhance the accessibility of the MBUX infotainment system.

ChatGPT can summarise and synthesise existing content. So, it remains to be seen how Mercedes will employ this highly versatile large language model in its cars.

According to Mercedes, US owners of models that use MBUX will be able to beta test the ChatGPT system. Mercedes said, “Customers can participate via the Mercedes me app or directly from the vehicle using the voice command ‘Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta programme.’ Mercedes-Benz is integrating ChatGPT through Azure OpenAI Service, leveraging the enterprise-grade capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud and AI platform.”

Over the past decade carmakers like Mercedes have introduced increasingly sophisticated voice command systems in their cars. These systems increase the safety of the drivers as drivers don’t have to look away from the road to use them.

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