Lufthansa & The Airbus A380: Where They Are At Currently

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Lufthansa gave great news 12-18 months ago when they said that the Airbus A380 would be restored to the fleet. So where are they at currently?

In this piece, we will give you information regarding how far through they are in this process of the superjumbo in their fleet, accurate to December 8.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Lufthansa & The Airbus A380: Where They Are At Currently…

Lasse Fuss, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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Lufthansa did have a fleet of 14 Airbus A380s, but six of them have been retired, giving them eight left.

As per data from, this is the status of the remaining superjumbos left in their fleet:

  • D-AIMA – Parked in Teurel.
  • D-AIMB – Parked in Teurel.
  • D-AIMC – Undergoing maintenance in Manila.
  • D-AIMH – Parked in Frankfurt.
  • D-AIMK – Active service.
  • D-AIML – Active service.
  • D-AIMM – Active service.
  • D-AIMN – Active service.

The parked aircraft in Teurel will eventually head to Frankfurt or Munich for certain checks, before being sent over to Manila for more thorough checks and repairs.

So what routes have the active Airbus A380s been operating?

  • D-AIMK – Current trends have been services to Los Angeles & Bangkok followed by training flights in Munich & Leipzig.
  • D-AIML – Los Angeles & Bangkok as well, with training flights taking place in Vienna and Prague.
  • D-AIMM – Los Angeles & Bangkok as well, with training flights taking place in Vienna and Prague.
  • D-AIMN – Los Angeles & Bangkok as well, but not being utilised for training flights.

So as we can see, the typical trend on routes throughout the winter season have been to Los Angeles & Bangkok, with training flights taking place either in Munich, Leipzig, Vienna & Prague.

As mentioned by Airways, Lufthansa will look to keep the Airbus A380s in service until the late 2020s and maybe into the 2030s due to delivery delays with the A350 and Boeing 777X.

What we also know is that all eight units of the superjumbo left in the fleet will undergo cabin refurbishment, indicating that these aircraft will remain in the fleet for the coming years ahead.

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