Jolly Golden Retriever Plops In Front Of The TV & Sings Along To White Christmas

By admin Dec3,2023

It’s the holiday season, and it’s hard not to get in the Christmas spirit. And apparently, being festive is not lost on our furry friends! For Hugo the Golden Retriever, it means singing along to some Christmas classics and favorites.


Image/Story Source Credit: BestDogsLifeUK via YouTube Video


In the video below, the Three Tenors are performing their operatic rendition of White Christmas on the television when the jolly Golden Retriever takes notice and pulls up for a front row seat! But that’s not all — he decides to add his own flavor to the version.


Image/Story Source Credit: BestDogsLifeUK via YouTube Video


Hugo’s owner makes sure to record as the dog throws his head back and belts out the tune with some strong howls! As he keeps singing, he gets so excited and into it that he gets up on all fours for maximum output! Too funny and too cute.

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