Demand for facility management personnel seen increasing in New Year

By admin Dec15,2023

Demand for facility management personnel is seen increasing in the New Year as more companies, especially in manpower-heavy sectors such as IT and IT services, switch from the remote and hybrid work models to traditional office routines across all their facilities in technology hubs, industry experts said.

About 350,000 jobs are likely to be created in the facility management industry in 2024, an increase of 15-20% over 2023, according to estimates by large service providers.

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This is also reflective of the increase in commercial and residential spaces across the country due to a growth in retail, manufacturing, telecom and phone manufacturing, semiconductor, global in-house centers (GIC), and other sectors, said experts.

Paris-headquartered facility management and food services company, Sodexo is likely to hire about 15,000 people next year in India in Integrated Facilities Management (IFM), up from about 11,000 in 2023, said Prachi Kulkarni, HR Director, Sodexo India.

“The focus in IFM is increasingly shifting towards enhanced consumer experience with innovation, new technology and sustainability solutions at the fore. This demands a shift in the hiring requirements as well. While, cleaning & housekeeping continue to form a major part of the manpower requirements, skillsets required to deliver on the experience piece require technicians and SMEs in energy, water, waste management, for example,” said Kulkarni.

“We are investing in senior talent and both site level specialists to carve and maintain the differentiation with our servicing team to support our ambitious growth strategy,” said Kulkarni.The capacity utilization in offices, as return to work is being mandated in IT & ITeS and consultancy firms will add to the demand in the New YearAlong with food services, the total number of hires for Sodexo India is estimated at 43,000 in 2024.

“Our business is growing at double digit rate this year compared with 2022 which is leading to a massive demand for talent,” said Pradeep Chavda, senior director, Global HR transformation, Sodexo Group.

“In some of the large companies with thousands of employees, we have deployed huge teams of 600-700 people in food and housekeeping,” he added.

The bulk of the demand is coming from sectors such as IT/ITes, KPO/BPO, consulting and MNCs, automobile and allied companies, telecom and phone manufacturing, semiconductor, and others.

Many companies that are calling staff back to work and revamping their infrastructure are seeking our professional help to manage their space.

“The IFM (integrated facility management) industry will grow 8-10% in 2024. This comes at a time when the economy crossed 4 trillion. It will also be fuelled by an increase in commercial and residential space across the country,” said Pravin Agrawala, cofounder and group chief executive of frontline workforce management platform Betterplace.

However, there is still a huge shortage of manpower – both skilled and unskilled. High attrition is another major challenge faced by the sector.

Average annual attrition in the sector increased to approximately 40% from about 31% a year ago amid an increase in demand fuelled by opening of offices and increasing demand from hospitality, retail, and other segments, according to industry experts.

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