Class of 2024: AI to agriculture, job aspirants have a wide menu to choose from

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The next few months are crucial for final-year college students. It involves selecting a line of work, going through placement processes and interviews, and generally taking the first steps towards the rest of their lives. The process can lead to more questions than answers.

This series, the Class of 2024, aims to simplify the way to navigate the world beyond the campus by talking about the sectors with opportunities, ways to use online platforms and preparing resumes, among other things.

The fourth of the 10-part ‘Class of 2024’ series looks at the emerging areas freshers can tap for jobs.

With shifts in technology increasing, the world of jobs is also evolving. That is giving rise to new and emerging opportunities across sectors.

Freshers are more in demand for certain jobs than experienced personnel. Business analysts, chartered accounts, cybersecurity analysts and digital marketing specialists are roles that people just out of college are aspiring towards.

Highlighted below are 15 in demand roles for freshers and skills for each

Job Roles Associated Skills-1 Associated Skills-2 Associated Skills-3
UX Designer Knowledge on Visual Design Wireframing Analytical Thinking
DevOps Engineer Automation Skills Coding and Scripting Skills Knowledge on DevOps Tools
Robotics Engineer Programming and Coding Skills Designing Skills Critical Thinking
Full Stack Software Developer Database Management Systems Software Programming Skills Communication Skills
Chartered Accountant Technology Expertise Analytical Skills Ethics and Integrity
Business Analyst Analytical Skills Data Visualization Communication Skills
Actuarial Associate Maths Knowledge Analytical Skills Computer Skills
Medical Physician Diagnosing Health Problems Equipment Knowledge Collaborative and Compassionate
Cybersecurity Analyst Hacking Skills Networking Skills Knowledge on Operating Systems
Digital Marketing Specialist Content Creation Basic Designing Skills Digital Strategy
Artificial Intelligence Engineer Programming and Coding Skills Exploratory Data Analysis Big Data Technologies
Information Security Analyst Analytical Skills Security Management Frameworks Data Privacy and Regulations
Software Engineer Programming and Coding Skills Software Testing and Debugging Logical Thinking
Field Biologist Basic Biological Principles Interpersonal Management Research Skills
SED Analyst Content Marketing Research Skills Analytical Skills

Source: Career Outlook Report, July-Dec 2023, by TeamLease EdTech

Flexibility, adaptability and continuous learning are the key to success in the evolving job market. Freshers should focus on building relevant skills and knowledge, staying informed about industry trends, and seeking internships or entry-level positions in industries aligned with their interests and career goals, says foundit.

The promising profiles for freshers this year can be shortlisted based on the new trends in various areas.

Mobility and fashion

Green jobs, for example, are being seen as a high-growth area. Renewable energy, green technology and sustainable practices are becoming commonplace as the world focuses on sustainability and combating climate change.Renewable transportation is another promising segment under the sustainability umbrella. As electric vehicles and sustainable transportation options expand, there will be roles in EV charging infrastructure, green logistics and transportation planning businesses.

Saving the world also means dressing accordingly. This is leading to a rise in sustainable fashion and ethical fashion, creating roles in eco-friendly supply chain management and green marketing of brands.

Healthcare will see a spurt in jobs as the industry embraces digital technologies. It will create opportunities for freshers in telemedicine, health tech support and data analysis for healthcare providers.

The Covid pandemic led to more awareness around mental health and well-being. This trend is expected to create opportunities for freshers in roles like counselors, wellness coaches and teletherapy providers.

Foundit is also betting on genomics and personalised medicine. Advances in genomics and biotechnology are leading to roles in genetic counseling and genomics research.

Tech roles

With technology now firmly a part of all functions of life, it is natural that freshers would find several opportunities in this wide field but the new opportunities are quite nuanced.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the obvious entries on this list, given that changes are happening here everyday. Roles such as AI developers, machine learning engineers and AI ethics consultants are on offer. Along with this, the need for data protection and cybersecurity is also growing, leading to opportunities such as cybersecurity analysts, data privacy officers and ethical hackers.

Digital marketing is another dynamic and continuously evolving area as companies across industries try to find ways to connect with consumers and increase sales by decoding their behaviour. To become a successful digital marketer, foundit says freshers should stay up-to-date with industry trends and adapt strategies to ensure they remain effective in reaching and engaging their target audience.

Another hot area in tech is augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Many companies are integrating these systems into their operations, leading to demand for developers, content creators and experience designers. In a similar view, blockchain and cryptocurrency is also evolving and will create multiple opportunities.

Aditya Narayan Mishra, Managing Director & CEO of CIEL HR, says AI and ML are showing significant growth prospects, particularly within the healthcare, banking, transportation, and e-commerce sectors. To maximise their career potential in this domain, candidates should invest in upskilling in areas like data analytics and computer science, as these skills are highly sought-after for ML roles. Furthermore, the realm of data sciences and analytics has witnessed a considerable surge in demand this year, with expectations of continued growth in 2024, he adds.

AI is also aiding in precision agriculture, enhanced weather as well as disaster prediction & response, and much more.

Growing agriculture

Foundit lists agricultural technology (agtech) as another interesting segment where jobs are going to be in the dozens for freshers. Agtech may not sound as aspirational as a digital marketer or AI engineer, nevertheless, its importance cannot be ignored given that the world has more mouths to feed than ever but climate change is making it more difficult than ever to grow food crops.

The agriculture industry is adopting technology for sustainable and efficient farming, creating opportunities in roles like precision agriculture, agricultural technology support, and sustainable farming consulting.

S Pasupathi, Chief Operating Officer, HirePro, says some emerging trends and potential areas are gaining prominence. Even within AI, there are non-tech careers as the field is multidisciplinary. Agriculture, automobile, gaming, education and many other segments would need AI, he says. This will need individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise.

Networking with professionals in the field and seeking out internships or entry-level positions can be valuable for freshers to gain practical experience and transition into AI-related roles.

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