Caring Dog Didn’t Stop Comforting Foal Until He Got Over The Loss Of His Mother

By admin Dec12,2023

In a touching display of empathy, a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog named Zip became a guardian and companion to Tye, a 9-day-old foal, after a tragic event. The foal was left orphaned and solitary following the sudden demise of his mother. Sensing Tye’s distress, Zip instinctively assumed the role of Tye’s protector, offering him comfort and friendship in his time of need.



Karla Swindle, the owner of Tye, was devastated upon finding out about the demise of the mare. Aware of the special care and attention Tye would require to thrive without his mother, Karla, who runs S & K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama, and is devoted to the care of her horses and other animals, resolved to assist Tye in coping with his loss.

Unbeknownst to Karla, her dog Zip would become instrumental in Tye’s healing process. Although Zip had previously not shown a particular interest in the farm’s horses, Tye’s plight seemed to resonate with him. Zip started to keep company with Tye, offering the foal comfort and a feeling of safety.


Karla observed with wonder the rapid development of a special connection between Zip and Tye. She saw that Zip frequently lay down next to Tye, vigilantly watching over the foal as he rested. During Tye’s waking hours, Zip engaged him in playful activities, running through the pasture and encouraging the young horse to be active and explore his environment.

The bond that formed between Zip and Tye was not only beneficial for the foal in dealing with his mother’s absence but also positively affected Zip. The Australian Cattle Dog had been grieving the loss of his 16-year-old dog friend, Tinkerbell. The companionship with Tye appeared to uplift Zip’s mood and provided him with a newfound sense of purpose.


Karla credits Zip’s companionship as a key factor in Tye’s recuperation. The foal has been progressively gaining weight and growing stronger, a development she attributes to the support and encouragement provided by his canine companion. She is thankful for the unique relationship between Zip and Tye and believes it will only strengthen as Tye matures into a healthy, joyful horse.

This touching tale of a dog and a horse forming an extraordinary bond highlights the remarkable empathetic and compassionate abilities of animals. Zip’s natural inclination to offer comfort and protection to Tye during a difficult period exemplifies the profound connections that can emerge between different species when they are brought together by unforeseen events.

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