Are you a fresher looking for job? These are your must-have skills

By admin Dec9,2023

One thing is absolutely clear in today’s highly competitive employment landscape — a degree is sometimes not enough to be job-ready in certain areas.

Skill requirements are witnessing a change at an exponential rate due to continuous advancements in technology. The key is to focus on constantly staying updated with the skills that employers are looking for.

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Sumit Sarabhai, Chief Business Officer, Spectrum Talent Management, a manpower solutions provider, says some skills are always in demand irrespective of the role, and knowing these can keep a candidate relevant in an employment market undergoing a massive transformation. “In a rapidly changing, technology-driven and highly competitive employment market, fresh graduates need a combination of technical, soft and adaptive skills to succeed in various roles.”

Sarabhai lists some of these skills and abilities as:

1) Technical proficiency – This includes digital literacy (understanding basic digital tools, software and platforms), programming and coding skills, and a basic understanding of data analysis tools and techniques. This skill set is becoming prominent in every other field of work. It can improve a fresh graduate’s employability.

2) Adaptability – This skill makes it easier to navigate a period of uncertain and unforeseen circumstances. According to Sarabhai, the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and methodologies is crucial to future-proof your career. Besides, a natural inclination to stay curious and seek continuous learning opportunities undoubtedly helps in career progression.3) Emotional intelligence – Experts say emotional intelligence (EI) plays an indispensable role in understanding and appreciating cultural diversity in the workplace. It is one’s ability to be aware of their own as well as the emotions and behavioural patterns of others that promotes collaboration and strengthens professional relationships. Being open to new ideas and having a mindset that embraces innovation gives an edge to an individual, he adds.4) Stress management skill –Every job comes with demands, pressures, responsibilities, accountability and deadlines. Professionals are often expected to meet targets and expectations within a short time. To function well in any organisation, the ability to work under pressure is one of the deciding factors.

5) Visibility – Another skill that Sarabhai thinks early career professionals must acquire is visibility. He says that staying visible is extremely important in the corporate world for several reasons, and individuals who actively manage and enhance their visibility often have better career prospects and opportunities. Furthermore, building a strong online presence and showcasing relevant projects can also contribute to gaining exposure in the job market.

In addition to these skills, Sarabhai advises fresh graduates to have a proper understanding of critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, communication and collaboration skills. In his opinion, demonstrating a combination of these skills, along with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, can significantly enhance an individual’s chances of standing out in the employment landscape.

Skills are not just qualifications; they are the currency that opens the doors to opportunities. Mastery of relevant skills will unlock the gates to success and fulfilment, he adds.

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