Tired Boxer ‘Insists’ On Having Bedtime Dialogue Rather Than Going To Sleep

By admin Dec17,2023

Dogs, with their endearing quirks and routines, truly are creatures of habit, relying on the comfort and predictability of their daily rituals. Any deviation from these routines can often lead to some amusing, and sometimes vocal, reactions. A perfect illustration of this is seen in the adorable behavior of a sleepy Boxer featured in the video below. This particular Boxer has a charmingly specific bedtime routine – he simply refuses to go to bed unless his mom accompanies him.

This heartwarming display of dependence and routine is not only cute but also a testament to the deep bond shared between dogs and their human companions. The Boxer’s insistence on having his mom by his side at bedtime is a delightful reminder of the unique and often humorous ways our canine friends express their needs and preferences.


Image/Story Source Credit: Roxanne Miller via YouTube Video


“A conversation with a boxer about going to bed … He goes through this routine every night – the more tired he is, the more red his eyes are …. He doesn’t like to go to bed alone, he thinks I need to be there, so he can lay his head on my feet …. I’ve owned three boxers – this one is the smartest and most argumentative ….”

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