International students visit China Eastern Airlines R&D Center

By admin Dec14,2023

Nearly 30 international students embarked on an enriching journey at the R&D Center of China Eastern Airlines on December 8.

Originating from seven diverse countries, including Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, these students were about to immerse themselves in the captivating world of aviation.

A350 Flight Simulator

The highlight of the day was the hands-on experience of test-piloting an Airbus A350 flight simulator. With the guidance of skilled instructors, the students took control of this state-of-the-art simulator, feeling the power and precision of modern aviation technology.

This firsthand encounter allowed them to grasp the intricate details of flying an aircraft, enhancing their understanding of the aviation industry.

Photo Credit: China Eastern Airlines

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Learning the Ropes with Flight Attendants

As part of the immersive educational tour, students delved into the world of service procedures alongside experienced flight attendants.

 This unique opportunity provided insights into the meticulous processes involved in ensuring passenger safety and comfort.

From serving meals to mastering emergency protocols, the students gained valuable knowledge that went beyond textbooks.

Virtual Reality: Aircraft Inspection

Strapping on VR goggles, the students embarked on an immersive virtual aircraft inspection. This innovative experience allowed them to explore the nooks and crannies of an aircraft; understanding the complexities of maintenance and safety checks.

The blend of technology and education heightened their appreciation for the meticulous efforts behind the scenes in the aviation industry.

Building Bridges: International Student Exchanges

More than a theoretical lesson, this educational tour aimed to showcase the charm of aviation services.

The students not only learned about the structure and functions of airplanes but also experienced the thrill and responsibility associated with a career in aviation.

The activities sparked a deep interest among the participants, with many expressing their newfound passion for pursuing a future in this dynamic industry.

The interaction among students from diverse backgrounds created a rich tapestry of cultural exchange.

Through close exchanges and shared experiences, the students deepened their understanding of each other, forging lasting friendships.

The camaraderie built during this educational tour extended beyond the boundaries of language and nationality, providing them with a truly global perspective.


As the educational tour came to an end, the students received thoughtful commemorative gifts from the dedicated staff of China Eastern Airlines.

These tokens served as lasting reminders of their unforgettable journey into the world of aviation. Kudos to the carrier China Eastern for providing a positive hands-on learning opportunity to this student group.

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