Airlink takes delivery of three Embraer E190 aircraft

By admin Dec17,2023

Falko Regional Aircraft Limited (Falko) is pleased to announce the delivery of three Embraer E190 aircraft to South African carrier, Airlink.

Bearing MSNs 19000651, 19000666 and 19000679, the regional commuter aircraft were delivered as part of a three aircraft deal with the airline.

Mark Hughes, Falko’s Chief Commercial Officer, spoke on the brokering of the three-aircraft deal with Airlink, one of Falko’s existing clients.

This transaction not only adds to the growing fleet of Falko-managed aircraft leased tothe carrier but also reinforces the enduring partnership between the two entities.

With congratulations extended to the airline for the latest additions, Hughes highlights the strategic significance of the Embraer E190 for Airlink’s operational landscape.

The delivered E190s are not just an addition to Airlink’s fleet but also a testament to Falko Regional Aircraft Limited’s expanding influence in the African market.

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Hughes emphasizes that the E190 perfectly aligns with Airlink’s operational needs, efficiently meeting capacity requirements across its evolving route network.

This not only enhances Airlink’s capabilities but also underscores Falko’s commitment to growing its presence in the regional aircraft market, with Africa taking center stage in this expansion.

Rodger Foster, Airlink’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, echoed the sentiment of satisfaction over the concluded lease agreement with Falko.

The Embraer E190, according to Foster, proves to be an ideal fit for Airlink’s diverse network of domestic and Southern African destinations.

Its optimal size facilitates high-frequency services, ensuring the airline can cater to market demands efficiently.

Foster praised Falko as a reliable lessor and valued partner, highlighting the collaborative efforts that led to a mutually beneficial commercial agreement.

Airlink was established in 1992 and is Southern Africa’s premier privately-owned, regional airline.  Airlink serves 48 destinations throughout Southern Africa, Madagascar, and St Helena Island. 

In addition, it offers worldwide connections through its 35 airline partners, which include many of the world’s best-known inter-continental carriers and its FlyNamibia franchise.

For flying cusomers, the airline offers its innovative “Skybucks” frequent flyer rewards programme.

Airlink has consistently been South Africa’s most on-time airline over the last two years, with its fleet of more than 60 modern jetliners achieving a 93.39% average on-time performance this year. (Measured by the Airports Company South Africa).  

The regional carrier is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) member accredited under its safety audit programme.

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